The Los Angeles Flower Market

Flowers have always had this way of brightening my day, so when my best friend became a florist, I was pretty darn excited. When Abigail first started doing weddings, she would bring me all of her leftover flowers, and our obsession of photographing flowers began.

Flash forward 5 years, and we are still just as in love with flowers, if not more. The first time I went to the Los Angeles Flower Market, I was in absolute awe, and a little overwhelmed. With so many vendors to choose from, I would have been lost on my own. Abigail taught me all the tricks of the trade at the market and now I’m going to share them with you! 

“Take a break and smell the flowers…”

First things first, you need to buy a day pass to enter the market. The Los Angeles Flower Market is open Monday through Saturday to the general public and closed Sunday. Public admission is $2 on Weekdays and $1 on Saturday. I would avoid going on a Saturday due to the mass amounts of people that tend to go since their is a farmers market in the adjoining street that morning.

You can park on their rooftop parking structure (make sure you bring around $5-$10 in cash for this) or in one of the several lots surrounding the market. A limited amount of metered street parking is also available. I try to get the metered parking first, then head to the parking structure if I can find any.

Here is the physical address to the market as well: 754 Wall St. (between 7th and 8th) Los Angeles, CA 90014

                                                            Public Hours of Operations

Monday & Wednesday
Tuesday & Thursday
8am – 12pm
6am – 11am
8am – 2pm
6am – 2pm


My Favorite Floral Vendors:

Mayesh: They have the high end flowers and greenery for decent pricing.

Villa Growers: They have amazing standard flowers and you can order remade garland from them.

Holland: They usually have the best peonies and tulips, as well as well priced roses.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions! A lot of times the flower prices aren’t displayed, so you have to ask for a price. I would also advise bringing cash, as they sometimes charge you less if you pay cash.

I would also recommend checking Moskatels out. Its on the same street as the flower market, and they sell wholesale and to the public! It’s kind of like Michaels, but better! They have all the floral supplies as well, including good floral sheers!

When you’re done shopping, I guarentee you will be starving! There is a little cafe called Poppy & Rose that we eat at every time we go to the market, and it is the best!

They have amazing breakfast choices, and it’s so nice to just sit and relax after shopping all morning.

When you get home from the market, you should trim all your flower stems and get them into water as soon as possible. Hope this blog helped, and feel free to ask any questions if you are planning to take a trip to the market soon!

With love,


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