Hi there!

We are Jana Bishop and Abigail Peugh, the best friends and creatives behind LaPorte Images!

We started this company together when Abigail said goodbye to Los Angeles and moved to Portland. We saw the need for a new style of stock photos, and we created them together. LaPorte is a mixture of both our styles. Think moody, with a hint of bright and airy and lots of high end flowers!

We met in California 10 years ago, and have been inseparable since. You know those friendships that seem too good to be true? Yeah, that’s what we have. We’ve been collaborating together for years, so starting a business together felt right.

On our days off, you can find us drinking French 75’s together, with our cameras always close by in case we catch a glimpse of something amazing that we need a stock photo of. We are powered by chips and guacamole, and could probably fill a mansion with all the props we have collected over the years.

Jana is married to her dream guy who is an expert in all things woodworking, with a son in grade school. They live in Dallas Texas,  and love to travel together as a family. Jana is a chronic furniture rearranger, and constantly on the hunt for furniture to redo and bring new life into.

Abigail is married to a hipster photographer with a beard that fits in perfectly in Boulder, Co where they now live. They have a loft studio apartment that is filled to the brim with coffee, camera gear, and more plant babies than she is willing to admit.

Together we make an unstoppable team!


Jana & Abigail